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Aden Adde International Airport

Mogadishu, Somalia

During 2010-2012, SKA refurbished the Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu as part of the 10-year agreement with the Somali Transitional Federal Government to rehabilitate the airport and manage operations. SKA invested in new airport equipment and expanded support services by hiring, training and equipping 200 local workers to meet international airport standards.

Airport before refurbishment
Work in progress
Airport after refurbishment

SKA renovated airport infrastructure, restored a stable supply of electricity, revamped the baggage handling facilities, and arrival and departure lounges, installed electronic check-in systems, and firmed up security and workflow. Additionally, SKA connected the grounds to the Internet for the Somali Civil Aviation and Meteorological Agency (SCAMA), immigration, customs, Somali Police Force and commercial airlines.

SKA vehicle in front of the airport
Refurbished control tower
Waiting area

By January 2013, shuttle buses were introduced to ferry travellers to and from the passenger terminal. We also provided consultancy on support services in other airports around the country and invested in logistical redevelopment solutions. SKA was one of the first privately-owned foreign companies to invest in Somalia despite the instability.