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SKA Development

SKA Development Group is a multinational not-for-profit/non-governmental organization associated with SKA International Group that aims to support stabilization, peacebuilding, and development in post-conflict countries such as Somalia, Uganda, South Sudan, Congo, Iraq, and Syria.


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To deliver innovative and adaptable solutions in post-conflict environments, in order to contribute concretely toward sustainability, peace, and economic development.

Successful Students show the quality of Somali Youth as Book Keeping Training Concludes.

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SKA Development Delivers IT Training for AMISOM

[caption id="attachment_102" align="alignnone" width="300"] August 2015 READ MORE

SKA Development Continues in its Capacity Enhancement Activities

SKA Development in conjunction with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) conducted fumigati ...

August 2015 READ MORE

SKA Development Appoints African University Lecturer to head its Book Keeping initiative

SKA Development is proud to announce that it has appointed Mr Abdi Dahir Abdi as the course tutor fo ...

August 2015 READ MORE

SKA Development Supports Historic Air-Force HQ

On 9 September Mr Frank Duggan, SKA Country Manager for Somalia visited the HQ of the Somali Air-For ...

August 2015 READ MORE

Somali Olympic Committee – SKA Development Youth Football Tournament

During May, the Somalia Olympic Committee in conjunction with SKA Development staged the 2016 Somali ...

August 2015 READ MORE

SKA Development Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Somali Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

On Monday 15 August SKA Development, an International NGO based in Mogadishu signed a Memorandum of ...

August 2015 READ MORE

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